Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer vibe

Hi everyone!
I had a great week, did you? the weather was soooo good, especially Thursday! I turned 20 so the sun was shining for me!
I had a lot of fun with all my friends and I had a really great time!
My sister got me the 505 particulière nailpolish from Chanel!! I was so happy!! I didn't expect her to buy anything, but she remembered that I loved it!! so again, thank you sis!

My sister also took some pictures of me when I went home this week. I think it's a beautiful and simple outfit for a summer day!

Enjoy the weekend!


T-shirt - Armani
Skirt - Zara

Monday, April 26, 2010


Just wanted to show you another outfit of mine. a little red i know but i really like the pants! they are soooo comfortable!
I had a great weekend but this week will be better!

enjoy the good weather!!


T-shirt: Mochino
Jeans: Robin's jean
shoes: vicini
bag: miu miu

Thursday, April 22, 2010

almost weekend

hi everyone!

it's almost weekend!! i'm really looking forward to the weekend because i missed my family so much this week. it's been a rough week and I really could use some positivity. I have a lot to do for school so that's also a little distraction! Next week is going to be a party week! It's election in Leuven from a student organisation, so lot's of free drinks and good party's.
and best of all, it's my birthday next week!!
I'm going to make the best out of it and start fresh in my 20the life year!

so now a little fashion ;)
I showed you a jacket en matching pants at my home and in the pictures you can see the jacket.
I think it's so multifunction! you can wear it over a dress or as a suit, or just with a pair of jeans like i did!

I hope you have a good weekend!!


Jacket - Atos Lombardini
T-shirt - Armani Jeans
Necklaces - six and h&m
Jeans - Robin's Jean
Flats - Sergio Rossi

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi everyone!
soooo... first outfit post!
the pictures are taken on the balcony of my studio. This wasn't a serious 'photo-shoot', it was more for fun but i hope that the pictures are clear enough so you can see what I am wearing.
I really love this jeans! my mother bought one and she didn't liked it any more when she got home so she said that i could choose one in stead. at first I wasn't really shore, because it's something different and i didn't know if i would like it. but after trying it, i fell in love...

I hope you like it to!


p.s. Danku Jelkie voor de foto's te trekken!!!

Jeans - Citizens of humanity
T-shit - Superdry
Cardigan -Hilfiger denim
Sunglasses - DKNY
Earrings - Mexico
Bracelet - Thomas sabo
Shoes -Tod's

Monday, April 19, 2010

Like a virgin


I wanted to shear some pictures with you.
This are some clothes of mine that I'm looking forward to wear and one of them is my favorite dress for the summer!

This is my favorite dress for the summer.
there is a hole story behind this dress.
The last picture is how i first saw the dress on net a porter, I immediately fell in love with it. It's from a NY designer called Milly. I never taught I would find it in Belgium, but on a shopping afternoon with my mother and sister I stumbled upon it in a little shop in Leuven.
I had to try it on and it fitted perfect!! I'm sooo happy ^^

This is a beautiful little jacket from Atos Lombardini

Also both Atos Lombardini

hope you like it!




I'm Lauren and this is my first blog EVER!
The reason why I made this blog is very easy, I love fashion (as most girls do)

What can you expect from my blog? well, I really don't know yet.
I'm going to put a lot of pictures in here of my clothes, the clothes I wear daily, the clothes I like to have, pictures of my friends and family and things I like to share with the world.

I hope you will like it!